Monday, March 21, 2011

Samosa Time!/school

Samosa's are awesome! For those of you who know what samosa's are please bare with me, but those of you who are scratching your heads right now you're in for a treat! Although celebrated in many countries, samosa's are commonly known to be an Indian delicacy that comes fried in the form of a small triangular pastry. It can be filled with either beef or chicken, and there's a vegetarian option as well. The vegetarian option usually includes seasoned potatoes, onions, lentils and coriander. It's so weird because I've heard of this dish before, but not once did I try it because it wasn't something I was use to. People in high school use to eat it all the time, and now I'm proud to say I'm a believer. Also it doesn't hurt that if you find any Samosa King in your neighborhood you can get 25 veggie versions for only $5! So my challenge to everyone is to try a new food you might be scared of and embrace it. Also ask around and scope out any deals you can.

Check out this site for recipe's on how to make any sort of Samosa you like enjoy

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