Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did someone say Audi?/ school

This past Friday Greta Constantine's Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill showed off their fall/winter 2011 collection at the Audi dealership located on Bayview. Floor length gowns, Grecian jersey dresses, velvet and enough luxe details to satisfy your inner fashion cravings covered this runway. Indigo blues, majesty purples and burgundy flowed perfectly on the dresses while the neutral coats in ivory, black and charcoal anchored the outfit for a more complete look. Another touch that I liked were the "comforter like" wraps that went with the wide legged pants on the runway. It was quite the cozy look that complimented the snow machine and bright flashing round lights. The menswear portion was classically put together with heavy neutrals of black and grey with pieces that could be worked into every man's wardrobe(minus the bruised up faces). I actually spoke to part of the designer duo Stephen Wong after the show, and he told me about the inspiration behind the show. He said that he wanted to take a trip around the world and make references upon the prairies and Asian influences. As far as beauty everything would be done in a simple way with slicked hair and matted makeup. What's next for these jersey boys? Who knows but they definitely have me wanting to stay in the cold just a little bit longer... as long as I get to wear their new collection of course lol

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