Saturday, November 6, 2010

Free Weezy

Just in case you haven't already heard, Lil Wayne is out of jail after serving 8 months out of his 1 year sentence. According to he plans to head to Miami and see family and friends while finishing up the outlines to his probation stemming from another case. He also looked rejuvenated when photographed sitting courtside at a New Orleans Hornets game with his friends Baby and Mack Maine. For more on the story head to I want to do a longer post on Lil Wayne and the state of hip hop so stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Far East Movement

When I ask most people have you heard of Far East Movement? Those people usually say no, but the minute I mention "Like a G6" everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. Take 1 cup of dance beats, 1 tablespoon of pop and 1 teaspoon of hip hop and what you get is "free wired". FEM uses that term to describe their eclectic style. Made up of four childhood friends, Proghgress, Kevnish, J-Spliff,and DJ Virman continue to wow everyone with their remarkable talent. Check these songs out Like a G6, Rocketeer,and Girls on the Dance floor

Lanvin Latest

Shoulder pads? Check. Combat Boots? Check? A fist full of cash? Check? Okay maybe the shoulder pads and combat boots are a little bit of a stretch, but the question I keep asking myself is what should I wear for a frenzy filled shopping debut? I've thought about it long and hard and the best outfit I could think of is something more on the simple side. Leggings/tights, an easy breezy shirt with a tank underneath or even a pullover sweater because lets face it we are approaching winter.It's easy just thinking about the change room lineups is very depressing. So what I would do is find a corner if possible and slip any pair of bottoms over my leggings and position any dress or blouse over my tank top.With these tips you should be ready for any fashion frenzy.P.S any shoes you can kick off would be great to wear as!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colour Me Camel

Okay so it may seem that I'm a bit behind the curve when it comes to updating my blog but I just had to speak out on my new favourite trend; CAMEL. I think that this shade is the perfect neutral when you don't want to succumb to the ordinary black, navy,or even brown.I love this trend because I feel like it is so classic it will last for many seasons to come, I feel instantly more polished with a great neutral anchor and above all it's of course right on trend now. Here's some great pieces I found online.

Accessorie Tips: How about trying red lipstick of any shade? Or you can play with subtle shades of purple, greens or even blues for eyeshadow. You can also add a bright coloured belt or even add a leopard scarf for punch. Gold costume jewelery would also be a great topper for an outfit like this.Check it out: