Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Copy Cat

Don't you hate it when you have on that perfect dress or coat, you feel super confident and then all of a sudden you see another girl in the exact same perfect piece? Or maybe you have a friend who sees you wearing new marc jacobs heels one day and then two week later you spot her wearing the same thing but in a different colour. Now because I'm a frequent shopper at H&M and Zara this can be a huge problem. So that's why after months of trying I've decided to dispense some ideas for setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Go Vintage: Going vintage can really be beneficial but the key to shopping vintage is to know yourself. " Sure that dress looks like a tent but I'll just sew it up"(meanwhile you haven't sewn anything since junior high) or " yeah my style is classic but this 80's hot pink polka dot skirt will look really cute on me" (umm seriously?). Do your research, look up critiques, and see what's missing in your closet. Think, are alterations really going to happen for you? and lastly be patient. No one places a diamond ring on the top of a hay stack, you've got to dig dig dig so be patient for that diamond!

Accessorize: Accessories can really change any outfit dressing it up or down in a snap. So lets start out with a work outfit. (Oh and by the way if you take transit to work, and you get invited out for drinks with some co workers where do you put your big work bag when you want to swap it out for a cute little clutch?)Just saying... Okay so back to the work outfit. If you're wearing a blazer you can carry it in your hand. If you're wearing flats switch it out for heels or if you're already wearing heels opt for sky high heels. That's just the gist of it but my favourite accessorie changers are gold tone menswear watches, hoop earrings, pearls, oversized clutches( the huger the better because if it's your style it can easily work for daytime without running into my aforementioned problem lol),skinny belts, weird cocktail rings( think colour, texture and random animals) and lastly fake eyelashes(not necessarily from work to play, but just to add a firty vibe to your total package.) If you want to try the lashes I suggest speaking to a professional first when buying them. So whether it's lady pretending to be busy at Sephora or the lady behing the counter at Shoppers, it's best to be safe than sorry.

D.I.Y: Now who's more original than you? There are so many online D.I.Y's that it's hard to even start to list them all. Have you ever seen a runway piece and thought "that Lanvin dress would be perfect in my closet, but too bad I don't have $4000". Or maybe you thought "I wish that skirt could come in my size". Well why not D.I.Y? Shop what you need for your project during the week and as a Sunday project you can go to work on it. Hand sew or dust off that old sewing machine. So what's left? Have some ice cream, watch one of The Real Desperate Housewives shows and you may just be surprised with what you come up with. Hey it could turn out like crap or you could actually have it as a new item in your closet. Don't limit yourself and don't get frustrated!

Here's to being inspired and finding ways to not dress like everyone else.

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  1. Great Advice! Maybe I will take up sewing. It beats using my whole paycheck on a designer dress.